Hockey Geelong Appoints 2015 Coaches for the Senior Representaive Teams

December 18, 2014

Hockey Geelong is pleased to announce the coaching appointments for the Senior Men’s and Women’s’ teams 2015 winter season

Hockey Geelong Coaching Consultant   Andrew Smith

  • Vic League 1 Men                               Andrew Byers
  • Vic league 1 Men reserves               Josh Bartlett
  • Metro                                                      John Alonso
  • Vic league 1 Women                          Stuart Hyslop        Assistant      Shane Walters
  • Vic league 1 Women Reserves                    TBA       


Hockey Geelong is looking forward to building on the success of the 2014 season and would like to thank all of the above coaches for accepting their appointments.

The experience and skills of the coaches will offer strong support for all the senior representative teams and will also be available to promote and develop the skills of our junior players.