Return To Play Plan for Geelong Hockey

May 22, 2020

In the last month, the Executive of the Geelong Hockey Association has been working on producing a ‘Return to Play‘ plan for hockey in Geelong. The Executive have taken into account the advice and information provided by government and health authorities, as well as that available from the City of Greater Geelong, FIH, Hockey Australia and Hockey Victoria.

At its latest meeting on May 21, the Executive reviewed and approved a ‘Return to Play’ action plan for the GHA (at Stead Park only). This plan has been submitted to the City of Greater Geelong today. When approval is granted and the Council give permission for the Association to access the facilities (which are owned by the Council), we will be able to commence the process of returning to training for U12 and up.

There will be a number of constraints which we will publicise through a Site Management plan, currently being prepared. We will advise as soon as this is available. It will make life different while we still have COVID constraints. We are considering using electronic presentations to get as wide an audience as we can for the conditions which will apply.

A similar process is happening for King Lloyd Reserve to accommodate U6, U8 and U10 players. This will be submitted to CoGG as soon as we can.

Organising training time to suit everyone is hard to organise at the best of times, and the COVID-19 situation will place some further constraints on us. With training groups limited to a maximum of 10 players plus 1 coach on a half field (best possible scenario),  significantly more pre-planning is needed, both for clubs and for the Association.

Clubs are asked to consider how many players they have available for a competition (when it is able to start) and how many teams they may field, and therefore how much training time clubs may require. Bookings will likely be made for a half field, and in your allotted time, players will be required to “enter, train and leave”, with no socialising or gathering in groups. Social distancing will be required, and modification of drills will be required to preserve the distance. Time and people management will be very strict. Therefore an hour booking might mean 45 (-50?) minutes of pitch time.

Players – please keep in touch with your club to get the latest information as it affects you directly.

Clubs – please check with your players, and advise the Association¬† of your club’s expected training requirements.

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