Update To Training Rules

June 29, 2020

In line with the further relaxation of restrictions, Hockey Victoria have made some additional changes to the Return-to-Hockey-Guidelines.

There is no limit on the number of players aged 18 and under who can train and compete in the one group. Social distancing rules do not now apply to players aged 18 and under. Coaches and umpires who are reasonably necessary to conduct the training or competition may also be part of the group.

Players aged 18 and under are permitted to participate in full contact training and competition, including practice matches. Full contact training and intra-club practice matches for adults over 18 are not permitted until July 13. Inter-club practice matches for senior players are permitted from July 20.

There has been some relaxation of guidelines regarding spectators and use of indoor facilities. However the Geelong Hockey Association Executive have asked that members continue to comply with the following guidelines for the use of our facilities.

1. Spectators

While we respect the advice of HV re spectators, GHA would prefer that parents/spectators do not pursue this course. We continue to observe/monitor the situation in the Metro Melbourne population particularly the discussion around groups meeting. We would request the status quo (ie no spectators) unless as a support person while we
conduct training only.

2. Signing in and out

We recognise HV’s advice that signing in and out is not required. We would ask that Clubs recognise this advice but continue with the practices they have in place which is largely in line with the second part of HV’s advice i.e. manage numbers. Recording of individuals at training is requested by GHA given the likelihood of different people in
a squad from week to week.

3. Canteen

There will be no canteen operations in the immediate future. Any changes will be advised at the time.

4. Pavilion use

Approval has been given for the use of the Pavilion at Stead Park. However the Executive have decided for operational and logistics purposes that the status quo will remain. Therefore toilets continue to be available, as do change rooms for goal keepers only. All other facilities are unavailable until further advised.

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