Senior Competition Still On Hold

July 23, 2020

Junior Competition Begins

Round 1 of the 2020 Geelong Hockey Association Junior competitions was successfully completed on July 18/19. ‘At last’ was the feeling expressed by many players and parents, and the games themselves were much enjoyed by all.

Thanks to all the players, club officials, coaches, team managers and umpires who helped achieve this. We look forward to Round 2 matches this week, and hope to see the COVID situation improve so that the season can continue to its intended finish in September.

Feel free to send any pictures you have.

Senior Competition Update

The senior competition is still on hold, as there have been no changes announced to the current restrictions. Senior training (non-contact) is still approved, but matches cannot be played.


group of hockey players listening to coach

Under 10 Mixed at Lloyd Reserve

Hockey match in progress with girls participating

A cold start for the U12 matches























Financial Updates

Hockey Victoria and the Geelong Hockey Association are both waiting on notification, and hopefully approval, for Business Survival grant applications. Once the status of these is known, both organisations will have a clearer view of their financial situation for the current year. Hockey Victoria will review membership payments already received in 2020 on the basis of a more complete picture.

Hockey Victoria have been operating for some weeks with a significantly reduced administration and staff hours. The Hockey Victoria office will be closed next week, July 27 to 31. GHA clubs may direct enquiries to Peter Stuart, who will attempt to obtain answers.

Hockey Victoria have asked clubs and participants to remain patient during this challenging time, both with Hockey Victoria and with your club. There are many cost factors to be considered in attempting to set fees appropriately and maintain financial stability.

Meeting procedures

The use of electronic media to hold meetings has been beneficial, and still allows clubs to discuss important matters.