The Sharks Are Circling

July 6, 2020

The Hockey Victoria metropolitan competitions are scheduled to begin on July 17 for junior teams, July 20 for Masters teams, and July 25 for senior teams. While the recent spike in COVID-19 cases in Melbourne has complicated the starting process somewhat, Hockey Victoria are committed to working with clubs to ensure a successful start to the season. Read the July 3 update from Hockey Victoria here …..

The Hockey Geelong Sharks teams have eagerly awaited the return to hockey for 2020, and have been training well in anticipation. They even have a fearsome mascot installed at Stead Park.

shark sculpture

Hockey Geelong Sharks – ready for 2020

















Hockey Geelong will be represented by teams in:

  • Vic League 1 Men
  • Vic League 1 Reserve Men
  • Vic League 1 Women
  • Vic League 1 Reserve Women
  • U16 Boys Ric Purser Shield A Competition
  • U16 Girls Ron Penpraze Shield A Competition
  • U14 Boys George Stapleton Shield A Competition
  • U14 Girls Shield B Competition

The Vic League 1 Men’s team did exceptionally well in 2019, finishing on top of the ladder with only 1 loss for the season. The team finished as Runners Up with an unexpected loss in the Grand Final, and will be out to do even better in 2020. The Vic League men’s squads have recruited well and have good player numbers and should be very competitive again in this grade. That premiership is within reach, and everyone will be working hard for it.

The Women’s squad has had a tough couple of years playing at the Premier League level, so playing at the Vic League 1 level will allow the squad to build on the experiences of these years. The women’s squad has also recruited and has some new blood, which will assist them to be very competitive in 2020. Changes in coaching staff are always a challenge for all, but the squad has responded well, and this should provide a good springboard for success for the women’s  Sharks group.

Thanks to the team coaches and managers for 2020. Their expertise, enthusiasm and commitment is much appreciated.

  • Men’s Vic League 1 – Coach Paul Schram, assistant coach Scott Cullen.
  • Men’s Vic League 1 Reserves – Co-coaches Glenn O’Shannessy and Steve Canton
  • Women’s Vic League 1 – Coach Shannon Leigh, assistant coach Danita Eastman
  • Women’s Vic League 1 Reserves – Coach Kelli Caldow, assistant coach Gillian Armstead
  • U16 Girls – Coach Rhea Sutton, Assistant Coach Bree Hayes, Team Manager Alistair Conder
  • U16 Boys – Coach Luke Hatton, Assistant Coach Carl Jennings, Team Manager Kelli Caldow, Assistant Team Manager Eric Timms
  • U14 Girls – Coach Alex Humphrys, Assistant Coach Ashlee Craig, Team Manager Rebecca Thomson, Assistant Team Manager Carly Storr
  • U14 Boys – Coach Gill Pasque, Assistant Coach Chris Lorenzen, Team Manager Kirsty Ayerbe, Assistant Team Manager Matt Harper

The Junior squads have less than 2 weeks until they begin their 2020 campaign. With 3 of the 4 teams having competed in finals in 2019, these teams will be anticipating some good performances for 2020.

U14 Girls

  • Isabel Baker
  • Imogen Clarke
  • Neave Dickson
  • Kitty Kisvarda
  • Macy Kooloos
  • Indiana Long
  • Laylah Mouat
  • Amber Quick
  • Peri Saunders
  • Amelia Shell
  • Aleesha Smith
  • Elliot Thomson
  • Eliza Vague
  • Aimee Van der Meer
  • Summer Varenica

U14 Boys

  • Oliver Ayerbe
  • Kyan Downie
  • Tom Emery
  • Alex Grace
  • Nathan Harper
  • Basyl Jalil
  • Liam Kent
  • Tucker Kooloos
  • Luca Lorenzen
  • Lachlan Nelson
  • Jamie O’Reilly
  • Bradley Pasque
  • Ashton Schram
  • Jye Walters
  • Nick Wang
  • Charlie Watson

U16 Girls

  • Charlotte Armstead
  • Grace Baker
  • Issy Carland
  • Charlie Cameron
  • Jessica Conder
  • Charlie Hayes
  • Zoe Jenkins
  • Georgia Langley
  • Darcy Larkins
  • Mai Lorenzen
  • Paige Rowell
  • Charley Russell
  • Josephine Saunders
  • Genevieve Whitford

U16 Boys

  • Jesse Allthorpe
  • Angus Ayerbe
  • Harley Biskup
  • Jack Burke
  • Brayden Caldow
  • Callum Gibson
  • Oliver Harris
  • Will Jennings
  • Rory Kay-Ballard
  • Harry Leigh
  • Kade Leigh
  • Jarret Murphy
  • Sam Robson
  • Declan Smith
  • Isaac Timms
  • Archie Vague
  • Riley Walker
  • Harrison Whelan