HA Safe Hockey Framework

August 13, 2020

Hockey Australia have launched a new and updated suite of policies to safeguard children participating in hockey, titled the Safe Hockey Framework.

The policies have been supported and adopted by the State hockey organisations, providing a consistent approach across the sport. Our sport is committed to providing safe environments for children and young people, and the Safe Hockey Framework provides the resources to help administrators ensure that this is the case. The conditions set out in the Framework currently apply to persons at National and State level who have contact with young people. Future work to be done by Hockey Australia will extend the requirement for compliance with the Framework to employees and volunteers at regional and local levels.

The Safe Hockey Framework aims to identify and respond to child safety issues, as well as educating children and young people on their right to feel safe.

Work is now underway on the next phase of the Safe Hockey project, which will see the development of appropriate resources and education to support the thousands of hockey volunteer administrators to provide the safest environments for children and young people.