GHA Annual General Meeting

October 18, 2020

The Annual General Meeting of any organisation is an opportunity to review the successes of the year just finished, and identify any areas where the expectations of members were not met.

The AGM gives members a report on the activities and the finances of the organisation, and the opportunity to ask questions. It is also the start of a new beginning and the formulation of plans which will continue the successes and improve on the failures.

2020 is a year which will be remembered for a long time, with the COVID-19 pandemic having a huge effect on the normal activities of the Geelong Hockey Association and its members. While we were not able to count successes on the field, there were a number of aspects which could be judged as successful. But there is much to do in the future if the success of the Geelong Hockey Association is to be sustained.

The Geelong Hockey Association Strategic Plan has identified areas where members believe that hockey in Geelong can improve, grow and prosper, and has set goals to be achieved.

‘Goals are only wishes unless you have a plan.’  – Melinda Gates, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation


The involvement of many members of the Geelong Hockey Association is needed in order to make plans and then to ensure that they are carried out.  The Geelong Hockey Association exists for the benefit of its members – YOU.

Do you have some ideas or can contribute some time, even occasionally, which will help achieve the goals for the hockey community in Geelong? Then we need you!

When:                 Wednesday November 25, 2020

Time:                   7.00 pm

Venue:                Join Zoom Meeting


Nomination for Office

Nominations are called for Affiliate nominees and for positions on the Committee of the Geelong Hockey Association for 2020/2021.

The Rules of the Geelong Hockey Association  state that the members of the Association are:

  • Affiliates i.e. clubs, who are represented by their nominee who has the right to vote at general meetings for and on behalf of the affiliate member (club).
  • associate members, who may attend general meetings but have no right to debate or vote.
  • Life Members,  who may attend and debate at general meetings, but have no right to vote.

Nomination as Affiliate (Club) Representative

Clubs are asked to forward the name of their nominee, who will represent them at meetings of the Association. The Affiliate Nomination should be received by close of business on Friday November 20.

Nomination for Committee of the Geelong Hockey Association

A member is eligible to be elected or appointed as a committee member if the member is 18 years or over; and is proposed by an affiliate (Club) member in accordance with the rules. The Nomination for Committee  should be received by close of business on Friday November 20.

Proxy Forms

If a member is unable to attend the meeting, a Proxy form may be submitted. This form should be received by 7 pm on Tuesday November 24.


2020 was such a difficult year! Let’s all get together to make 2021 a really fantastic experience for everyone!


‘The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.’Mahatma Gandhi


Relevant documents for the AGM:

GHA AGM Agenda 2020

GHA Minutes AGM 2019 (1)

GHA Minutes AGM 2019 (2)

GHA Minutes AGM 2019 (3)

GHA General Meeting Agenda 2020

GHA Annual Report 2020