Update on Golden Plains Hockey

April 30, 2021

Geelong Hockey Association members may be aware that Golden Plains Hockey Club have been having some administrative difficulties recently, making it problematic to organise their teams.

The GHA Strategic Plan aims to increase membership across all affiliated clubs. The continuing operation of more clubs with a sustainable method of operation, rather than less clubs, is integral to achieving this aim.

The Executive of the Geelong Hockey  Association have been working hard behind the scenes to identify the issues for Golden Plains Hockey Club, and to provide support and assist the club to participate successfully in the competition and the activities of the Association.

The Golden Plains U14 team is travelling reasonably smoothly, but there is a significant lack of players available for the senior men’s and women’s teams. This has led to forfeits by Golden Plains senior men’s and women’s teams in Round 1 and 2.

A planned meeting early next week will provide some more clarity about the current situation and the next steps to get Golden Plains teams ready to play in Round 3. A number of actions will be considered by the Golden Plains Hockey Club and the Executive of the Geelong Hockey Association to welcome new members and to prepare the teams for match participation.

It is the strong aim of the Club and the Association to take such steps as are required to keep the Golden Plains Hockey Club operating, and operating successfully into the future.

New male and female players would be most welcome. Please contact Mick Breen or Gavin Van der Meer.

If you can assist with administration or would like further information, please contact Peter Stuart  ph 0417 280118.