2022 Winter Season Is Coming

February 11, 2022

The Geelong Hockey Association local winter competitions for 2022 for both junior and senior teams will commence on April 30, after Easter and after the school holidays. Grand Finals will be played on September 10/11. This represents 16 rounds of home and away games for senior competitions and 13 rounds for junior teams.

With a busy program of Roadshows and Hookin2Hockey programs about to start, we are hopeful of seeing more players and more teams joining us to play this fantastic sport. The aim is to gather entries for 49 teams in total, representing a 10% increase since 2021.

Team entries are due on March 25, so you have plenty of time to round up your friends to join your team.

Match format

Senior competitions will move to the quarters format rather than halves. This will mean 4 quarters of 17 minutes plus 2 minutes for quarter time breaks and 5 minutes at half time.

Junior teams will continue the usual format of 2 halves – 20 minutes for Under 8 plus 5 minutes half time, and 25 minutes for U10, U12, U14, U17 plus 5 minutes half time.

Umpires Wanted

Clubs will be looking for umpires for junior and senior competitions.  If you would like to learn to umpire or to gain accreditation, check this Hockey Victoria information. Let your club know that you are interested.

Umpires for all games except U8 receive a payment, as set each year by the Competition Committee.

Volunteers who are willing to provide tutoring for beginner umpires are also wanted. There may be some reimbursement available for this. If you are interested in helping to develop more umpires in Geelong, please let us know.

Match and Competition Committee

The Competition Committee met on February 2 to begin planning the 2022 season. The Minutes of this meeting can be read here.

There are vacancies on the Match Committee. If you or someone you know would like to be part of managing the competitions for this year, please contact us.