Get Back2 Hockey

April 11, 2023

 It is time to get excited! The first date for our Get Back2 Hockey Mondays is locked in for Monday 17th of April at 6:30pm.

The cost of the first two games has been kindly sponsored by Geelong Connected Communities. The canteen will be open after the game so that players can recoup and stretch before limping out to cars.

–       Is jogging in your vocabulary, but sprinting has now become the same speed?

–        Do you spend more time driving your offspring to hockey than any other hobby for yourself?


–        Have you stopped playing hockey and would like to start up again in a casual, fun, competition that may ignore the fact that you just kicked the ball?

–        Have you never played hockey before and the word junior can only be associated with your child or fur baby?


The format of the game will be:

–        Each player brings a black tshirt and a white tshirt

–        If you are a beginner please bring a coloured tshirt – coloured t-shirt players are not allowed to be tackled for the first couple of games

–        There is an honesty system of umpiring

–        Teams will be divided by skill level on the day (we will try and even out teams, in some cases we will swap players mid game)

–        The only glory run allowed is to the bench!

–        Ideally, this will be full pitch (dependant on participant numbers)


Please show your interest by signing up below. If you have any questions or comments please email We look forward to piloting this initiative!