Umpires Committee for 2023

April 22, 2023

Hello GHA Umpires and welcome to 2023


We are pleased to say that we have put our hands up to be the co-umpire convenors for the local competitions for this season, and our focus is to make sure that we create a strong team vibe for umpiring in Geelong. So great to have you on board team!

We are also keen to strongly focus on the development of existing and new umpires – now that GHA has mens and womens Premier League teams there are plenty of opportunities to take your umpiring to the next level through formal and informal pathways, and we are keen to support you in this if you’d like to improve your umpiring.

If you know anyone who has been thinking about giving umpiring a try, or is keen to get involved, please either let us know or encourage them to come to the briefing. All clubs will be required to provide umpires throughout 2023, so please encourage your clubmates.

It’s a bit of a long message, but lots of important information below, so please read on!

Important Info:

*The local season starts on April 29/30. We will be having an umpire briefing session on Thursday April 27th at 7:30pm-8:45pm at Stead Park. It is really important that you attend if you can, as it is always easier to cover this content and ask questions in person. However for those who really can’t make it, we will try to record the session. We will cover standards & expectations, team work, common rules and interpretations that we’re keen to see consistency on, etc.

All are welcome.

Please note coaches are also welcome and we encourage them to attend the briefing to allow us to discuss rule interpretations and better understand how we operate as a team.

*As we seek to improve the standard of umpiring locally, the Competition Committee have approved an increase to umpire payments in 2023.

Umpires Fees for 2023 are:

  • Division 1 – $45
  • Division 2  – $40
  • U10 – $15
  • U12 – $15
  • U14 – $20
  • U17 – $25

* Men’s Competition Note

Please note, for the purposes of the men’s competition, ALL 10 teams will play each other for the first 9 rounds before being split into the 2 divisions, with 4 teams in Division 1 and 6 teams in Division 2. The remaining 6 rounds will be played in separate divisions. As a Committee, we have decided for the sake of consistency and avoiding confusion, that the payment will be $40 for all umpires umpiring the mens competition for the first 9 rounds. Thereafter, where the Divisions are divided, Division 1 umpires will receive $45 per game, and Division 2 will receive $40 per game. 

*Rostering this season will be completed by Google Docs. We will endeavour to have appointments drafted by the Tuesday before matches. If you can’t fulfil your appointment, you have until Thursday lunchtime (12pm) to let us know. After that time, you are responsible for finding a replacement. Rosters, including club appointments, are considered final at 5pm on a Thursday. We will have the Round 1 draft and regular Google Doc link created and sent to you shortly.

*Uniforms are an important part of looking like an umpiring team. Please make sure you have a fluoro yellow top as a minimum (can be purchased from Just Hockey), which should be worn with black pants, or black skirt & socks, depending on your preference. If both umpires have the existing purple GHA umpiring top, this can also be worn. It is important that you match your co-umpire, so if you have both tops, please bring both. We are looking into the possibility of getting new GHA umpiring shirts, as the purple ones have now run out.

*Hockey Australia has recently updated its HockeyEd accreditation framework for umpires. If you had a valid/current Foundation level accreditation, this should have rolled over to the new Foundation Support Umpire level (you should be able to check on the HockeyEd website). The Foundation Support Umpire accreditation is a free, two-hour and entirely online module.

In 2023, GHA umpires are expected to have this accreditation in order to be rostered to Division 1 matches. Those looking to progress to the second level, which is now called Foundation Lead Umpire, this will involve an online module through HockeyEd plus an assessment during matchplay. We can assist with helping you achieve this standard, if that is something you are keen to do during 2023.

*If you want us to come and watch you umpire to provide informal coaching and advice, please let us know! We can also roster you to co-umpire with one of us to provide advice that way. Just email us.

*Volunteer Working with Children Checks are required to umpire hockey, if you don’t already have one (or an Employee one), please apply for free.

*Most importantly, have fun with your umpiring. It’s a great way to get involved in hockey! We will always have your backs if anything happens in a game, so if there is an incident during a match that makes it not fun, it’s important that you let us know immediately so we can decide the best next steps to avoid it happening again. Umpiring should be a supportive learning environment for everyone, and we will have zero tolerance for unacceptable behaviour towards umpires.

Thanks for reading this far team, and we’re looking forward to a great season ahead!

All the best,

Tom Molyneux and Jonah McKinnon

Co-Umpire Convenors, Geelong Hockey Association