Hockey Geelong Coaching & Umpiring

Umpire payments

Following Hockey Victoria’s decision to increase umpire payments, umpires will be entitled to the following match payments, applying from 17 April 2012 onwards.

Hockey Geelong

  • Division 1 Men – $35
  • Division 2 Men – $30
  • Division 1 Women – $35
  • Division 2 Women – $30

Hockey Victoria

  • U14, U16 Shield & Pennant (Friday Nights) – $30
  • Vic League 1 Reserve – $50
  • Vic League 1 – $70
  • Masters (Monday & Wednesday Nights) – $25

Hockey Geelong junior matches have umpires appointed by clubs. It is up to the individual clubs to set umpire payments for these matches.

When Hockey Geelong umpires are rostered (eg in the event of a development weekend) they will be entitled to $15/match.

The Working with Children Act 2005 requires that people who work or volunteer in certain child-related work apply for, and pass, a WWC Check. It aims to strike a balance between protecting children under 18 years of age, promoting volunteering and safeguarding the rights of individuals.

Applicants records are checked for any criminal offences specified in the Act. They are also checked for findings by specified professional disciplinary bodies. Criminal offences not specified in the Act can also be considered if exceptional circumstances exist and there is a significant link between the offence and a risk to the safety of children.

Find out more about the Most Improved Umpire award, and please do not hesitate to contact us to become involved as a hockey umpire in Geelong.