Geelong HA Local Comp

Local Rules for Hockey Geelong Competitions.

The following local rules apply for Hockey Geelong competitions for the 2022 winter season.

  1. Match times for Hockey Geelong competitions are:
    • Senior men and women – 4 quarters of 17 minutes with 2 minutes  for quarter time break and 5 minutes half time
    • U10 to U17 junior – 25 minute halves plus 5 minutes half time
    • U8 – 20 minute halves plus 5 minutes half time
  2. Tomahawk shots are allowed for U12, U14, U17 competitions as long as the stick is not raised above the shoulder and the shot is not dangerous or does not lead to dangerous play.
  3. In U17 competitions, the first shot on a short corner must either be taken by a girl or be a push by a boy.
    • Teams are asked to avoid intentionally passing the ball more than 5 m from the circle in order to allow a hit by a male.
  4. For the 2022 senior men’s competition – In the last 4 rounds of the home and away competition, a Division 2 team may not include more than 2 players who are classed as Division 1 players.
  5. For the 2022 senior men’s competition – when any match features a D1 team competing against a D2 team, umpires shall award Best and Fairest votes (3,2,1) to both teams, and record both separately on the team sheet.


The following local rules were approved by the Competition Committee on May 25 for use in the Geelong Hockey Association competitions for 2022.

  1.  By-law 9.1 Double Ups.  Each player is permitted to play 2 games in the one round in 40% of the games available i.e. 7 games for senior competitions, 5 games for junior competitions.
  2. By-law 9.1.1 Any player over 18 who regularly plays in the Hockey Geelong Senior Sharks teams is not eligible to double up in a Division 2 match.
    • HG Sharks players who are under 18 may play for any team associated with their primary club in either division of the local senior competition.
    • HG Sharks players over 18 may not play for a team which is not part of their primary club.
    • HG Sharks players over 18 should play only in the highest graded team for their primary club.
  3. By-law 9.1.2  A maximum of two players who usually play in a higher division are permitted to play twice in any round in a lower grade senior competition, to make a maximum of 12 players for the lower graded team.
  4. Goalkeepers are permitted to play 2 games in the one round without limit.
  5. By-law 5.4.1  Registration.  A senior or junior team in a match may include up to 4 field players who are registered with another club, provided that the team has 7 of its registered players available to start the match, and that the team will have no more than 11 players including the players from a different club. A team may borrow a goalkeeper who is registered with another club without limiting the total number of players for the team.  However, goalkeepers are not eligible to play in finals for any team which is not associated with their primary club.

Reminder:  By-law 9.1.7. Where a team has a bye in any division, only two players who were named in that team in the previous round will be eligible to play in a lower graded team.


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