Local Hockey

Local Rules for Hockey Geelong Competitions for 2023.


  •  Tomahawk shots.

The previous rule which placed limits on the execution of tomahawk shots in junior competition has been removed.  Tomahawk shots are now permitted in U12, U14, U17 competitions as long as the shot is not dangerous or does not lead to dangerous play.

  • Penalty corners in U17 competitions.

The previous rule which directed that a girl must take the first shot on a penalty corner has been removed. Penalty corners in U17 competitions will be played as for the normal rules for penalty corners.

  • Borrowing players from other teams

    • GHA Rules allow junior teams to borrow 2 players from another club/ team as long as they have 7 of their own players to begin the match, and the loaned players will make a team of not more than 11. See By-Law 5.4.1
    • If one player volunteers to play for the opposing junior team, the player is permitted to swap back to their own team at half-time.
    • The rule does not apply for senior teams.
  • Double up rules for 2023

    • The more flexible double up rules which were in place for 2022 were not approved for 2023. Double up rules will apply as per the By-laws, including those revisions approved at the February 13 meeting.
    • A player may play regularly as a goalkeeper in one division and as a field player in another division. This will not count as a double up.
    • Any further requests for exemptions to the double up rules should be submitted to the Match Committee for consideration.
  • Match Format

Senior men’s and women’s competition matches are played as 4 quarters of 17 minutes plus 2 minutes for quarter time breaks and 5 minutes at half time.

U17 teams will also play matches with the 4 quarters format (12 minutes each), but other junior teams will continue the usual format of 2 halves – 20 minutes for Under 8 plus 5 minutes half time, and 25 minutes for U10, U12, U14 plus 5 minutes half time.


Resources and forms


Minutes of Competition Committee Meeting, 2023 February 13

Minutes of Competition Committee Meeting, 2023 April 19 Minutes

Geelong Hockey Association Competition By Laws April 2023

Geelong Hockey Association Calendar of Events 2023

Geelong Hockey Association 2023 Team entry form – Entries close March 18

Geelong Hockey Association 2023 Pre-season Team entry form – Entries close April 1

Geelong Hockey Association Training Roster 2023

Geelong Hockey Association Fixtures

Player Transfer Requests

Rules for U8 Competition

Match Results and Team List Procedures

Competition Committee proxy form




Monday Social

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Winter Masters

We are currently taking expressions of interest for Wednesday night hockey in the Victorian Metropolitan Competition. To be eligible: Female persons must be over the age of 35 at the first of January 2024 (dispensation can be sought for 2 players between 32-34 years) Male persons must be over the age of 45 at the...

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HookIn2Hockey is designed to introduce boys and girls aged 5 to 10 to the game of hockey. Participants learn the skills and strategies of hockey in a safe, fun and welcoming environment, so previous experience is not needed. Games are played on smaller fields, with fewer players so everyone gets involved in the game, leading...

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Winter Hockey

Winter Hockey runs from April through to September, with school holiday breaks for junior teams. Ages for junior teams are taken at January 1 of the current year. All junior teams in the local GHA competition are mixed, with boys and girls in the same team. The Geelong Hockey Association local competitions offer divisions for...

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Summer Hockey

The summer hockey season for 2023/2024 will begin on October 17, with 9 weeks of competition prior to Christmas. The Under 8 competition will finish on December 14, but the remaining competitions will come back for another 4 weeks in February. Tuesday Nights: U12, U14, U17 at Stead Park Wednesday Nights: Senior Mixed at Stead...

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