Summer Hockey

The summer hockey season for 2021/ 2022 will begin on November 8, with 6 weeks of competition prior to Christmas. The Under 8 competition will finish on December  13, but the remaining competitions will come back for another 4 weeks in February.

  • Monday Nights: U8 and U10 at Stead Park
  • Tuesday Nights: U12, U14, U17 at Stead Park
  • Wednesday Nights: Senior Mixed at Stead Park
  • Thursday Nights: Mixed Masters at Stead Park
  • Friday Nights: Friendly & Family at Stead Park

Summer hockey is the ideal time to #HaveAGo at hockey as the focus is on having fun while keeping active. The games are half field with 7 players per team, so it’s a great environment for those who are beginning their hockey experience, or for those who are returning to the game after some time away.

How can you join a team?


Summer Hockey Player Registration

All players participating in the GHA summer competition must have paid either:

  • Hockey Victoria membership for 2021 OR
  • Summer hockey (HA) registration ($12). This fee provides insurance cover until 31/12/2021, and must be paid online via the registration portal for your affiliated club or via the Hockey Geelong portal.

Information for Teams and Team Managers

Summer hockey Rules of Competition

Under 8 games are played on 1/4 size field, with 2 halves of 20 minutes and 5 minutes half time.

All other games are played on 1/2 pitch, with 2 halves of 25 minutes and 5 minutes half time. Teams may be responsible for putting out the dividing boards at the beginning of the game.

Coaches are permitted on the field in U8 and U10 games but should avoid obstructing the play.

A fully completed list of players should be submitted for each team entered BY SUNDAY NOVEMBER 7.

Summer hockey team sheet

Print off  team sheets for your team as needed. Team sheets should be completed and signed by the umpires to verify the score for each game. Completed team sheets should be handed in at the canteen or placed in the wooden box in the corridor leading to the toilets.

Summer Hockey Fixtures

Summer Hockey Umpires

Each junior team is responsible for providing an umpire for their own game. Umpire payment is $10 for U10 games, and $15 for U12, U14, U17 games.

Senior Mixed teams will be rostered to supply an umpire at the alternate game time. If your umpire is unavailable it is your responsibility to organise a replacement.

As there are 3 senior games at 6.30 and 2 games at 7.30, there will be some weeks when your team does not have an umpiring commitment. Thanks to Angels & Demons who will supply an umpire at 6.30 each week, and to Jess Welsh, who is rostered as an independent umpire (not aligned to a team). If Jess is ever unavailable, one team may be asked to supply two umpires. Umpire payment is $20.

If anyone is available to umpire for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night games, please contact Claire Barnes. Umpire payment is $20.

Summer hockey rules – Umpires Notes.

Summer Hockey Umpire Rosters

Competition Co-ordinators

In the absence of a volunteer to Co-ordinate the Senior and Friday Family competitions, please direct any questions to the GHA Competition Committee Chairperson, Alan Climpson, 0400 047133.

COVID safe rules

Please make sure that all participants follow the COVID safe rules.