Hockey Geelong Hall of Fame

If people devote a great deal of time and effort to the Association or their local hockey club, they can be recognised via life membership. Those who play or umpire and therefore contribute to the game of hockey under the Hockey Geelong banner have no such direct recognition from the Association or club.

There shall be set criteria under which clubs can nominate players or umpires to the Hall of Fame. The nominations are considered by the President and other relevant people. The honour board shall be mounted in a prominent area in the club rooms.

There will be an honour board in the Stead Park club rooms that will list those players who have been accepted into the Hockey Geelong Hall of Fame.

The set criteria for entry are:

  • Played or umpired in the local competition for at least 10 years in a sportsman like manner.
  • Played or umpired the vast majority of their time with the one club or association in the case of an umpire.
  • Represented their association at outside competitions.

Club Life Members are also eligible for their contribution to hockey under the Hockey Geelong banner.

Clubs shall nominate candidates and a small number shall be inducted at the end of the season. Please provide a short ‘history’ of the nominations.

The President of Hockey Geelong shall decide the successful candidates after consulting with relevant people.

Hall of Fame Inductees

  • 2017 Craig Molyneux
  • 2013 Megan French
  • 2013 Paul Benham
  • 2012 Pam Oliviero
  • 2012 Greg Chapman
  • 2012 Warren Harding
  • 2011 David Fitzgerald
  • 2011 Ashley Shaw
  • 2010 Leanne Basham
  • 2010 Jan Eden
  • 2010 Philip Frost
  • 2009 Alan Hutchinson
  • 2008 Karen Kolsch
  • 2008 James Dalton
  • 2008 Alison O’Reilly (nee Madden)
  • 2008 Greg McGrane
  • 2007 Ricky Burns (deceased)
  • 2007 Gillian Armstead
  • 2007 Shane Walters
  • 2007 Peta Hanley

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