COVID-19 Statement

March 18, 2020

Please read this Statement from the Geelong Hockey Association Executive, regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on the activities of the Geelong Hockey Association, effective as of March 17. This requires action from members to reduce the number of people gathering in any one area, as well as actions to reduce physical contact.  Clubs should decide their actions with regard to training for their members, and advise the GHA accordingly.

Training for the Hockey Geelong Junior Sharks teams was cancelled this week as a precaution.

Please read also the following statements from Hockey Victoria and from Sport and Recreation Victoria.

As a result of the pandemic, Hockey Victoria have cancelled the U15 and U18 National Championships. However, at the current stage, HV anticipate that the 2020 competition season will proceed as planned, as will Junior Country Championships, Senior Country Championships and Junior State Championships.

Further information will be circulated as it comes to hand.

Symptoms of COVID-19 can include:
* Fever
* Breathing difficulties such as breathlessness
* Cough
* Sore throat
* Fatigue or tiredness.

If any of your members experience the above symptoms, we would recommend that they contact their GP for medical advice/attention.