Future Planning for Geelong Hockey

May 4, 2020

Geelong Hockey Association has prepared a Strategic Plan, designed to ensure the future success and sustainability of  the Association and the Geelong hockey community.

The Plan covers the years 2020 to 2022, and provides a guide to the strategies and actions needed to ensure that hockey continues to prosper in the region.

The preparation of the Strategic Plan is partly driven by the imminent need to replace the playing surface on Pitch 1 at Stead Park. Synthetic playing fields are generally expected to last in good playing condition for 10 to 12 years. Pitch 1 was last resurfaced in 2007, and is now due for replacement. The expected cost of replacing the surface is approximately $400,000 to $450,000.

A detailed and realistic plan is required in order for the resurfacing project to proceed. Funding will be sought from various government bodies and local council. However, no support will be forthcoming from these avenues unless the Association has a detailed plan of action and a clear path to completing the project. It will be necessary to convince these funding bodies that hockey is a sport and an activity which is worth supporting – for the benefit of the Geelong community.

So, dear hockey player, this is where the Geelong hockey community needs your help.

We need you to offer your comments and suggestions regarding the plan, and even better, to volunteer your time to help put the strategies into action.

The plan, ‘Geelong Hockey Association – A Strategic Approach’,  sets out the Vision, Mission and Values of the Geelong Hockey Association.


  • Building a strong, respectful, inclusive and sustainable hockey community.

Our Mission:

  • Nurture and grow the hockey community
  • Demonstrate strong leadership with our key partners and affiliates
  • Encourage a diversity of opportunities to participate in all aspects of hockey
  • Create a welcoming, friendly and trusted environment for everyone

Our Values

  • Inclusive – offer an opportunity for all
  • Welcoming – provide a safe and enjoyable environment
  • Diverse – a sport for everyone
  • Progressive – continuously growing the sport
  • Leading – empower clubs and players to be their best

Priority Focus Areas

The Strategic Plan has 6 Priority Focus Areas, which have been identified through consultation with members and with the assistance of Leisure Networks.

  • Membership growth – this is critical to the success of the whole Association, providing benefits for ongoing participation, financial stability and support from funding bodies.
  • Facilities – maintenance and improvement of facilities for playing and training will assist membership growth and improve the enjoyment of participants.
  • Grants and Funding – obtaining sufficient funds to operate and improve facilities, without placing heavy financial burdens on participants is vital.
  • Communication – clear communication and consistent marketing will assist in retaining members and in attracting new members to the sport and to our community.
  • Succession planning – volunteers are the lifeline of the Association, without which we could not operate. Planning for regular introduction of new volunteers to the Committee and to the Association activities is essential to avoid burnout and ensure that the organisation continues to operate smoothly.
  • Community – our Association contributes significantly to the health and social connectedness of our community. Ensuring that the environment is positive, safe and healthy will encourage continuing membership of the community.

The Plan includes many suggested strategies and actions, gathered through the consultation process. Further input is always welcome.

Priority Focus Area Team Leaders

The following people have been appointed as Team Leaders for the Priority Focus Areas. Further volunteers are welcome to become part of all Teams.

  • Membership growth – Peter Stuart
  • Facilities – Alan Climpson
  • Grants and Funding – volunteer required
  • Communication – Claire Barnes
  • Succession Planning – Em Shand
  • Community – volunteer required

Check out the suggested strategies and see what other suggestions you might have. If you would like to be a Team Leader or a team member, or have a suggestion, please send an email to Hockey Geelong.

The full document can be viewed here …..