Community Fitness Event

September 28, 2020

Want to work on your fitness and win some prizes? Join the Hockey Geelong Community Fitness event.


Runners and cyclists are invited to participate in the event, which runs from October 5 until November 2. Join the group and record how many kilometres you run or cycle each day, and be in the running for some great prizes when the totals are added up.

You can enter the group as an individual or in a group of 3. To enter as a group, email Scott Cullen ( or Zed Armistead ( with your group members. Otherwise, your exercise statistics will be recorded as an individual.

The winning prize will be awarded to the group/individual that has achieved the most kilometres at the conclusion of the competition. But there are also some secret prizes which will be revealed at the event’s conclusion. So even if you’re a runner and think you can’t compete with a cyclist for most kilometres, don’t worry because there are many other prizes that you’ll be eligible for.

To join the group, simply click the link below and press ‘join group’

Spread the word and get ready for the joys of exercise.