Annual Meeting Deferred

November 27, 2020

The Annual General Meeting of the Geelong Hockey Association, scheduled for November 25, has been deferred because a quorum could not be formed. The meeting has been deferred until Wednesday, December 9, 2020 with venue/meeting arrangements to be confirmed and advised.

This is a completely new meeting and therefore all the same paperwork is needed as was required for the original meeting.

Time:         7 pm

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 986 5588 9686
Passcode: 069179


Club Representation

Each affiliate i.e. Club or school is expected to propose a nominee. That person, and only that person, unless substituted by proxy, is the only person to cast votes on your Club/School’s behalf. These people form the quorum of the meeting. Ultimately it was the lack of nominations that effected the quorum.

Geelong HA Nominee for General Meeting 2020

If the nominee is unable to attend the meeting, a proxy form should be submitted.

AGM-SGM Proxy form 2020


Nomination for Committee of Geelong Hockey Association

Affiliated members (clubs) may propose a member for election to the 2020/2021 committee of the Geelong Hockey Association.

When proposing Committee members please provide one form for each person for each position they are nominated for. Multiple forms may be required. Note that the nominee may also be put forward for committee positions. While it is possible for a person to nominate themselves and sign as a committee member of the affiliate (club) this should not occur if possible as it may constitute a conflict of interest.

Committee Nomination form 2020

Please note the dates and times of submission requirements as spelt out on the bottom of each form.


Relevant documents for the AGM:

GHA Minutes AGM 2019 (1)

GHA Minutes AGM 2019 (2)

GHA Minutes AGM 2019 (3)

2020 GHA Annual Report 

GHA AGM (deferred) Agenda

GHA General Meeting (deferred) Agenda