Viva Energy Backs Hockey In Geelong

April 19, 2021

Hockey Is Back!

The 2021 hockey season begins on April 24 & 25, and we are so glad to see all our players and teams out on the pitch again.

Viva Energy Backs Hockey

We are very pleased to announce that Viva Energy Australia have agreed to support the Geelong Hockey Association in its efforts to attract new participants to our sport. Viva Energy will provide the sum of $2000 for 2021, which will be used to reimburse costs for volunteers involved in junior recruitment activities.












One of the important aspects of the Geelong Hockey Association Strategic Plan is the Membership Pillar, which aims to increase the overall membership of the Association and the Geelong hockey community by:

  • demonstrating and showcasing the sport of hockey to members of the Geelong community
  • attracting new participants to the sport
  • retaining current members and providing options for continuing participation

What actions are we taking?

The 2020 season and the effect of the COVID pandemic has seen a drop in the number of participants in many sports, and hockey is no exception. The volunteers for the Membership Pillar have been working hard to try and reverse this trend. 2021 is expected to be the first year of a 4 to 5 year ‘Recovery Plan’.

  • Hockey Roadshows in schools

With the assistance of Hockey Victoria, the Association provided practical hockey sessions from February 22 to 26 during school hours for students at 5 local primary schools – Lara Lake, Manifold Heights, St Thomas Aquinas, Fyans Park and Bannockburn P -12 College. This involved 21 hours of class time with 562 students participating.

Thanks to Josh D’Arcy (HV appointed coach) and Claire Barnes (GHA volunteer) for presenting these sessions.

With the support of Viva Energy we will be able to subsidise costs for volunteers to conduct another 50 hours of class time for hockey lessons.

We have also conducted sessions at Herne Hill Primary School, involving 8.5 hours and 264 students. Thanks to Claire Barnes and Kye Wingert for these.

Future sessions are planned at:

  • Christian College
  • Clifton Springs Primary School
  • Covenant College
  • Drysdale Primary School
  • Montpellier Primary School
  • Newtown Primary School
  • St Aloysius Primary School
  • St Mary McKillop Primary School

These visits will involve another 72 classes of students, approximately 1500 children.

  • Sporting Schools programs

Sporting Schools is a $280 million Australian Government initiative designed to help schools increase children’s participation in sport and connect them with community sport opportunities. Sporting Schools programs are provided free to children and their families to help students build the confidence and capability to be active for life.

A 4 week program, funded by Sporting Schools, was conducted at Anakie Primary School from March 5 to 26. Hockey classes were provided 1 day each week for the entire school population of 56 students from Prep to Grade 6 participating.

Thanks to Claire Barnes and Alan Climpson for presenting these sessions.

  • Hookin2Hockey programs

Hookin2Hockey programs are aimed at boys and girls aged 5 to 10 who have not played hockey before. The program aims to teach the skills of hockey in a fun, safe environment, and hopefully encourage participants to begin a lifelong love of the game of hockey.

Three Hookin2Hockey programs have been run following the first week of HV assisted Roadshows:

At least 27 participants registered with Hockey Australia to participate in this program, and 6 players will  continue playing hockey with a local club in the 2021 season.

Further Hookin2Hockey programs will be run at:

  • Stead Park, Corio – Wednesday April 21, 5.00 pm. Free to attend the first session, cost for the whole program $30.
  • Lloyd Reserve, Newtown – Tuesday May 18, 4.30 pm. Free to attend the first session, cost for the whole program $30.

New participants are welcome to join these programs to ‘Come and Try’ hockey. Find out if it’s the sport for you or your child.

School Participation Welcome

The Hockey Roadshow programs are provided free of charge to schools for single sessions for any number of classes. If a multi-session program is required, funding should be sought from Sporting Schools.

If your school would like to participate in the Geelong Hockey Association Hockey Roadshows/ Sporting Schools program, please contact Peter Stuart, Membership Pillar Chair.

Volunteers wanted

With 8 more schools to be visited in the coming months, the Association is seeking volunteer coaches. Volunteers must have a WWC check but prior coaching experience is not essential. If you would like to help grow our sport, please contact Peter Stuart, Membership Pillar Chair.