Junior Country Championships Success

May 20, 2022

The 2022 Junior Country Championships proved to be a resounding success for the Geelong Hockey Association and the teams participating.

The on-field results were extremely pleasing, with congratulations due to all players, coaches and team managers for their efforts. The off-field benefits were just as good, with many new friendships begun and great camaraderie between the participants. The skill development and confidence in their abilities will stand the players in good stead in the future. Overall, a great time had by all!

Thanks  to all those involved in managing the participation of the Geelong hockey community in this event.

  • Huge thanks to Gavin Van der Meer for the enormous effort, co-ordination and awesome communications which went into organising the teams.
  • Thanks to Carly Storr and Marion Lorenzen – the uniform gurus,  who managed to kit out the 4 teams in Sharks uniforms or versions of, a massive task considering that the new Sharks uniforms hadn’t arrived before the tournament.
  • Coaches and managers – thanks to you all for volunteering to take on these roles over the weekend.

Everyone is now looking forward to the 2023 Junior Country Championships with great anticipation.


Under 13 Boys

Results:    2 wins, 1 draw, 3 losses. Finished in 4th position.

Coach: Dan Sheedy

Manager: Kane Maloney

Players:  Michael Aguilera, Will Burch, Harrison Calder, Archer Chappell, Jacob Dargue, Liam Dargue, Sky Kumata, Charlie Maloney, Harry Sheedy, Riley Shields, Olivier Suntjens, Pepijn Suntjens, Charlie White, Jacob Young.


Under 13 Girls

Results:     3 wins, 1 draw, 2 losses. Finished with a silver medal.

Coaches:   Sarah Young, Kate Allan

Manager: Claire Sykes

Players:   Ellen Bachelor, Bella Bradbury, Anessa Cunningham, Matilda Gordon, Macy Kooloos, Milla Leslie, Frankie Maloney, Charlotte McGree, Ivy Renouf, Lily Sayer, Tiz Sizer, Amber Steiner, Dakota Sykes, Zoey Sykes, Madison Young, Winter Zumpe


Under 15 Boys

There were not enough players to enter a team for Geelong, but well done to Surry Burch and Will Sayer who played for Hockey Ballarat, with the team finishing in 3rd place.


Under 15 Girls

Results:  3 wins, 2 losses. Finished with a silver medal.

Coach:  Gavin Van der Meer

Manager: Marion Lorenzen

Players:  Isabel Baker, Charlotte Cleeland, Anya Dreyer, Indi Long, Mai Lorenzen, Grace Milne, Ruby Moon, Kayla Murphy, Amber Quick, Peri Saunders, Amelia Shell, Elliott Thomson, Aimee Van der Meer, Nicola Van der Meer, Matilda Whelan.


Under 18 Boys

Results:  3 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss. Finished with a silver medal.

Coaches: Darren Bradbury, Rohan Whelan

Manager:  Eric Timms

Players:  Jesse Allthorpe, Angus Ayerbe, Harry Bradbury, Jack Burke, Brayden Caldow, Luke Cazaly, Mitchell Cazaly, Phillip Dreyer, Nate Harding, Tucker Kooloos, Mitchell Quick, Bailey Quinlan, Sam Robson, Isaac Timms, Harry Whelan.