Hockey Victoria/ Hockey Australia Fees Decision

September 4, 2020

Hockey Victoria and Hockey Australia have completed a review of the organisations’ financial situation, and are now able to inform members what will happen to the registration fees paid for 2020.

8600 members had registered to participate in the 2020 season in Victoria, but this is a significant drop compared to the 22,000 players who usually register each year.

HV and HA Fees Credit

The HA fee includes an insurance component of $12/ person. This portion of the fee will not be refunded, and will provide insurance cover for any hockey activities until December 31, 2020.

The remaining fees for both HV and HA, excluding merchant fees, will be 100% credited toward the 2021 season.


As Hockey Victoria still has significant outlays to cover, members are given the option to pledge the HV component of their individual membership fee to HV, if they are in a financial position to do so. The fees set initially by Hockey Victoria at the beginning of 2020 included an individual fee from $10 to $57, depending on the age of the player. These HV fees were reduced by 15% in May, when it became obvious that the season would not begin at the normal time.

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