Training To Be An Umpire – Level 1 Course Open

April 6, 2020

The aim of the umpires in a game of hockey is ultimately to facilitate the enjoyable experience of everyone involved in the hockey match. The umpire will apply the rules of the game in a fair and impartial manner, so that neither teams or players gain an unfair advantage. This does not mean that the umpire has to whistle for or penalise every action which is against the rules.

The Geelong Hockey Association is seeking umpires for the 2020 season, and beyond. With no hockey at present, it’s an even better time to learn a bit more about umpiring, so whether you are an experienced umpire or would like to have a go, your participation is welcomed.

Accreditation as an umpire, via the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme, can be gained through the Hockey Victoria Umpire Pathway and Education process.

Level 1 Umpires Course

A Level 1 Umpires Course is offered on April 29 and May 6, 7.30 to 9.15 pm, at Hawthorn Malvern Hockey Centre. Information and registration details here…

Umpiring for Geelong Hockey Association matches

The Geelong Hockey Association competitions require that each junior team will supply an umpire for their own game. Payment of umpires for these games is usual, but the amount is at the discretion of each club. Umpires for GHA senior matches are rostered by the Umpires Committee, and umpires are paid an agreed amount, which is set each year by the Competition Committee.

Each club is required to forward the names of one umpire for each senior team which the club has entered in the GHA competitions.

Interested umpires should forward their details to:

The Geelong Hockey Association Umpires Committee has proposed the following actions for 2020:

  • Umpire Coach.

An Umpire Coach will be appointed, to help develop the skills of umpires and to provide support and feedback on performance. The Umpire Coach will provide advice regarding the grading of available umpires, and will work in conjunction with the Senior Umpire Roster Co-ordinator to appoint umpires to appropriate competition levels.

  • Pre-season Umpires Briefing

There will be a pre-season briefing at the start of the year, which all umpires will be expected to attend. All umpires will wear an umpires shirt, provided  by PEAK Pharmacy, when umpiring in GHA matches. The will be provided free of cost to all umpires who attend the pre-season briefing.

  • Senior Umpire

    Roster Coordinator

All umpires for GHA Senior matches will be appointed, and notified using a roster system.  The Co-ordinator will be responsible for making any changes in rosters, and establishing systems to replace umpireswho  are unavailable.

  • Umpires Strategic Coordinator

The Co-ordinator will guide the development of strategy and planning to ensure an adequate supply of umpires. This will include obtaining sponsorship for umpires, and establishing the vision.  The Umpires Strategic Coordinator will convene a minimum of 3 meetings per year of the subcommittee.

Umpires Committee members:

  • Chairperson – Andrew Crowley
  • Umpire Coach – Tom Molyneux. Tom has extensive experience in umpiring at Premier League level, the highest competition standard in Victoria.
  • Senior Umpire Roster Co-ordinator – Wendy Climpson
  • Umpires Strategic Co-ordinator – Andrew Crowley
  • Committee member – Mark Frost

Thanks to Peak Pharmacy

Thanks to Peak Pharmacy who are providing financial support for the operations and development of umpires for the Geelong Hockey Association for 2020.