GHA Committee News

July 16, 2019


 Members of the GHA Committee met with representatives from a majority of the clubs to discuss governance and management of hockey in Geelong and improve communications between the committee and the membership.

The new rules of the Association have been designed and put into operation for the benefit of the clubs, hockey players and their families in the Geelong region. The committee and the member clubs need your assistance to support our activities and assist with planning for a successful future for hockey in Geelong.

  • The meeting was positive and discussed the following –
  • The role of GHA and the rules which govern our operations
  • Operational arrangements with a focus on sub committees which are essential for the smooth running of playing hockey
  • The Association currently has set up the following –
  • The Competition & Match Committee
  • Hockey Geelong ‘Shark’ committee (junior & Senior Rep Teams)
  • Recruitment & Retention Committee
  • Governance & Planning
  • The meeting agreed the Association requires two more active sub committees –
  • Events & Special Functions Committee (i.e. The Senior Women’s Country Championships)
  • Strategic Planning & Facility Development Committee
  • Discussions led onto the need to have a succession plan in place, starting with the clubs and leading to the Association Committee to secure the long-term future for the sport of hockey in the region.
  • The Association has commenced investigating the option to secure a second half pitch synthetic surface to support the growth of hockey in the Golden Plains shire. This is in line with the recent release of the G21 Regional Strategy Plan to which the Association had a significant input into the planning process.
  • The meeting also supported the Committee engaging the services of a consultant group to develop a 5-year strategic plan with detailed financials. The aim of this process is to provide documentation and a plan to improve the Association’s engagement with its membership, support funding for a replacement surface for pitch no 1 and for the improvement of the club facilities at Stead Park. The plan will complement the G21 strategy for improving hockey facilities within the region.

The Association’s sub committees usually meet only 2 or 3 times a year and we are seeking support from the hockey community to volunteer to join a sub committee. If you have project planning, legal, accounting, management or enthusiasm for hockey the Association would be delighted if you could contribute some of your time to ensure a positive future for the sport of hockey in the Geelong region.