Australian Masters Championships – Go Vics!

September 27, 2022

The Masters Competition is Back.

The Australian Masters Championships are back on the national agenda for the first time since 2019.  The competitions are being held in Queensland, with both women’s (September 21 to October 1) and men’s (September 24 to October 8) competitions playing.
There are plenty of games of interest for us, with lots of Geelong players in the teams.
  • Over 40s Men D1 – Glenn O’Shannessy
  • Over 40s Women – Ali Kooloos
  • Over 45s Women – Darlene Armstrong, Rosana Gonzalez, Georgina Sayer
  • Over 50s Men D1 – Paul Schram
  • Over 50s Men D2 – Chris Thompson, Warren Harding
  • Over 50s Women – Kylie Hutchinson
  • Over 55s Men D1 – Phil Frost (Coach)
  • Over 55s Men D2 – John Alonso, Stewart Humphries
  • Over 55s Women – Ali O’Reilly
  • Over 60s Men D2 – Chris Armstead, David Fitzgerald (Coach)
  • Over 65s Men D1 – Ian Sheppard
  • Over 65s Women – Lyn Tout Coach.
Good luck to all. Catch all the action LIVE on Hockey’s LIVE STREAMING platform –